Following Her Bliss: Amanda & Whitney Fox, Co-Founders of Remodo!

Posted on 05 March 2015

The Remodo Team! (from L to R: Menaka- Marketing & Social Media Manager, Whitney, Co-Founder, Amanda Co-Founder) 
Ever spend hours on Pinterest admiring beautifully decorated rooms, pinning tons of inspiration, wishing your room could look that chic but not knowing where to start? Well Remodo's boxed room will be your new obsession! One box filled with all the essentials to make your room beautiful, from brightly patterned bedding and throw pillows to chevron picture frames to canvas storage bins - you pick the size (from twin-king) and your color theme, and they perfectly curate it for you and ship it directly to your doorstep! 


Launched by sisters Whitney and Amanda Fox, Remodo is an NYC based decor destination for those who desire distinctive and tastefully decorated rooms. After the pair graduated from the Communications School at the University of Texas at Austin, they both pursued careers in New York. Unable to find a website dedicated to design items geared towards young adults or those just getting established, they set out to develop such a destination.


I was SO excited for the opportunity to have our eff.Y.bee studio Remodo'ed! Their Revitalize (Coral) and Relax (Lilac) boxed sets were the perfect colors for our space. Scroll to read our Q&A with the Remodo girls and see photos from our studio! 


1. What inspired you to create Remodo? 

Whitney: The idea of Remodo sparked a couple of years ago when I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about teen spending habits on home decor. We wanted to create an online destination for teens and their parents to work with designers in order to decorate their dream rooms. What Remodo is today has evolved a lot - we specialize in Boxed Rooms - but the goal and inspiration have always been the same: to make designing and decorating your space as effortless and fun as possible.


2. What does it mean to #LiveOutsideTheBox?

Amanda: When it comes to Boxed Rooms, the idea is that we design, curate, and package all your decor essentials neatly into one box, and then it’s up to you to incorporate your own personal touches in a unique way. We call the whole process “living outside the box.”  In general, living outside the box means doing anything unexpected or that challenges your comfort zone, whether personally, professionally, or creatively. 


3. Walk us through a day in the life!

Amanda: Since we’re a small team, our days are typically a whirlwind of meetings, phone calls, brainstorms, designing, and researching. It’s rare that all of us are ever in the office at once. We’re constantly out and about, sourcing inspiration or meeting with vendors and potential partners - usually with a Boxed Room in tow!



4. What are 5 of your favorite items on


  1. We love our canvas storage bins because they are collapsible and multi-purpose.
  2. We put a ton of creativity, time, and love into our pillows; so much of our brand is expressed through our designs and colors. 
  3. The throw blanket is amazing because of it’s versatility: you can use it as a blanket, a beach towel, or throw it down to lay out or have a picnic.
  4. Our prints! We work with two incredible artists - The Aestate and By Luciana - and are currently producing Gallery Wall Boxed Rooms, available online soon. They’ll come in 3 different sizes and 3 different themes, and we’re curating and framing  artwork from both artists.
  5. Can we count the box itself?! 


5. What are your favorite places in NYC? (places you frequent, restaurants, places to shop, etc)

Whitney and Amanda: We love Rose Bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel, Red Farm in the West Village, and husband/wife owned Maman and Papa Poule, both in Soho. Our favorite places to shop are Coop & Spree, Reformation, Otte, and Rag & Bone. We also love to spend time in Central Park, Chelsea Market, at the Met, and are so excited about the Whitney Museum opening in Meatpacking next month!



6. What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

Amanda: It’s okay to make mistakes! Don’t beat yourself up if you do something wrong; it’s all part of the process.


Remodo is offering a special promo code for eff.Y.bee followers! Use code "FYB15" for 15% off your entire order on! 


Interested in joining their team? Email to learn about Internship and Brand Ambassador opportunities! 

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