Following her Bliss: Anamarie Francisco of Crafted by Anamarie

Posted on 21 June 2017


Our #WCW is our friend and fellow girl boss Anamarie Francisco of Crafted by Anamarie! We collaborated with Anamarie last month on our gorgeous Mother's Day cards (which we sold entirely out of!). We met Anamarie through our friend Molly of The Waverly Project, and immediately fell in love with her aesthetic and style. She is a calligrapher, blogger, social strategist and long time lover of beautiful lettering and design. She initially started her business as a creative outlet which quickly grew, allowing her to leave her corporate job in NYC to pursue her passion. Read on to learn more about Anamarie's journey and the advice she'd give her teenage self. 


Tell us a bit about yourself and your business!

I'm a 20-something year old with a passion for creating beautiful things. I started this business out of a love for design and in my search for a creative outlet. With a good foundation of design and handwriting under my belt, I taught myself lettering and calligraphy. What started out as a hobby soon exploded as I decided to promote my business professionally online and on social media. In September 2016, less than a year after I started, I decided to take it on full-time. Since then, my business has grown and developed into more than I would have ever imagined. In addition to calligraphy, I've expanded into social media and branding for small businesses. I can't wait to see where this business will take me. 


Walk us through a day in the life. 

My favorite thing about what I do is that every day is different. Usually I wake up, check social media, and put up my scheduled post for the day. Then I like to get a work out in every morning -- I switch it up between Yoga, Spin, and a boot camp class. After that, depending on the day I'll check emails and get to work on whatever projects I may have going on. Sometimes I'll go on client meetings or run errands. The best part is that I get to make my hours and I'm on MY schedule!

Where do you get your inspiration? 

I get my inspiration from other talented artists that I follow on social media as well as my environment. My best ideas usually come when I'm laying in bed at night! 


Who is your biggest role model?

Without sounding too cliche, I'd have to say my biggest role models are my parents. Business owners themselves, they have really paved the way for me, and have shown me the power of hard work. They have been such a big support system for me as I've carved this path, and I really wouldn't be where I am today without their loveand support.

What has been a few of your biggest accomplishments or milestones to date? 

Going on a local news show, CT Style, was a really cool experience, in addition to being published in my local paper. Those were definitely moments where I was like "wow, I'm really doing this!" Most recently, I've just moved into my own office space with a fellow creative, and my friend, Emily Kirke Photography.Crafted finally has a place to call "home" and I think it really makes things official!


Whats on your music playlist?

I'm definitely someone that likes a mix of all genres, but more often than not, you'll definitely see me jamming out to some early 00s hip hop! 

When not working, where can we find you?

I feel like I'm always working!! But when I'm not, I'm most likely at the gym, out with friendsor with family on the weekends!


What does "follow your bliss" mean to you? 

"Follow your bliss" means doing what makes you happy, taking a risk and going after your passion. 


Favorite pieces by eff.Y.bee?

I'm loving the new tassle collection!

What advice would you give to your teenage self? 

I would tell her to be in the moment, not to stress too much, and that everything will fall into place - it always does.


Photo Cred: Emily Kirke Photography

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